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June 14th, 2009

For Jennifer

For Jennifer

He watches from afar, enchanted
She with those pale blue eyes,
seeing everything, but saying not.
From first gaze, he has been aflame,
drawn into her spirit, her world
but a dream he feels compelled to chase.

Moments together, spark inner struggle
yearning to say, so desperate to share,
but holding back, so as not to fail.
For pieces of her world, mere time
just spent in her light, can sustain
all that he knows to be life and love.

Still aching from afar, enchanted
willing those pale blue eyes to see,
him, as he sees her, feels her.
Every breath feeding the flame
his heart keeping time, while waiting
with lips to caress that which he dreams.

~ Robert A. Gawel
June 2009

May 30th, 2009

(no subject)


The Lonely

The emptiness seeps in and around my edges.

It has been there for a while now,

with creeping tendrils tugging at my fake, plastered smile.

Constantly fueling the tears that are never far from my eyes.


There is no explaining this feeling that holds me,

Seemingly with arms, almost like you used to.

But, its touch is cold and draining, leeching my strength.

Leaving me weak and unwilling to move on.


These unwelcome tears eventually force their way in,

triggered by our song, or any song that we lived to.

The living that ended when we parted, no, when you left.

Leaving me these burning thoughts of irreplaceable love.


And today, the emptiness seeps in again,  until it fills me

Consuming me with tears of longing and mostly fear.

A fear that there really is only one love for every heart,

for my love slipped away, reducing me to what I have become. 

March 26th, 2009

Masked as Love

To get close to your flame is to hurt, and burn
Your smile, brighter than a thousand suns
Leaves one weak, and wanting to be near you.
And those moments when you laughed,
mean more to me than a single breath.

For in that laughter, is life and love and all
that makes each breath worth while.
Each time I pull in air, I wish it were you
reaching out to me, longing for my touch.
And yet, it is not. My arms they're empty,
my lungs still catch with each thought,
of you.  Of your smile, your shining eyes.

While my heart, desperately repairs the hurt,
the damage, an aberration masked as love.
Your flame, still bright to me, will flicker
and fade in time, leaving just a wisp.
A trace of something so real, so right.
What could have been, but never will.

March 26, 2009
Robert A. Gawel Jr.

Sadness like a Weight

Sadness, like a weight
perched on bended shoulders
Thoughts of perfect moments
Our souls bared, as our skin.
All but gone, like wisps of smoke
dreams and memories evade.

These tears, threaten the mask
my strength, my pride, my facade.
Obvious to no one, nor to me
is what 's left of my heart.
For it still beats, without time,
an empty shell, serving none.

In time,  this will fade
like the brilliant sun each day.
Though days will turn to weeks
And weeks, to months and years.
For this is a pain that must last,
reminding me, that life is lived.

This life is an action, love the gift,
to be cherished when it is near.
To be held, and nurtured like a flower
Given to the sun, but not aflame.
Two hearts, entwined will climb
but only when it is meant to be.

This sadness, like a weight
perched on bended shoulders,
tells me that this love has ended.
This love was not meant to be.

March 26, 2009
Robert A. Gawel jr.

March 25th, 2009

(no subject)


Walking from Something


Pavement, black and shiny, wet with rain

Moves swiftly beneath my feet.

Opposite me, headlights move toward me in pairs

Brushing past me in contrast to my solo.

I don’t mind the rain that stings my ear

My breath, pluming out in front of me.

It just feels good to be moving, somewhere

Not towards anything, but away from something.


She’s never far from my thoughts, my mind

I can still feel her in my arms,  if I try.

Her scent has lifted long ago, but still it lingers

Just outside my senses, but I remember it.

My pace quickens, thoughts of her much too near,

as if I can escape what consumes me.

Someday, maybe, just beyond that next hill

she’ll fade, like so many other dreams.


Until then, I’ll walk, while holding back a tear,

more for what could have been than what was.

More for the sadness of past lives that failed;

these same two souls, faced with this same love.

What circumstance could never let be,

goes on, like headlight beams never to meet.

 Two, never to be one, separate in their existence

Brushing past me, over pavement wet with rain.


~~Robert A. Gawel

March 8, 2009

Our Coccoon


Our Coccoon

Flickering light dances around the corner of the ceiling.

Where darkness meets the light, the shape it forms is a smile.

Much like the one my face holds, our two bodies entwined;

Beneath the watchful candlelight.


In another room, our songs play for us and only us

The timber of our singers voice rises and falls,

Like your chest, slowly, rhythmically with each breath

As my fingers glide along the porcelain of your form.


Days events, troubles, seem far away as we connect,

These moments, like gifts, suspend time and reason.

Betrayed only by the candle, alight and dancing to

shards of music sneaking in and settling between us.



March 10th, 2009

Turning A Corner

Turning A Corner

If there's a corner to these things, I've turned it,
A bridge left between us, I've burned it.
Much like winter begrudgingly turns to spring
So has my heart finally given up the sting.

Whatever moments or hours we shared between
Once faded become restless ghosts unseen.
The effort and pain it would take to keep them close
will never be worth the

March 9th, 2009

My Daughter as a Baby

Shannon Sleeping

Gently rocking,
late September, early morn
Shannon sleeping
swaddled softly in my arms.

I'm quietly humming,
in time, but out of tune.
While dancing dewy droplets
move down the window pane.

Ticking, tocking, taking time,
so goes the clock.
I'm thinking,
My arms ache with life's pleasure.

Loving little lullaby,
my baby sleeps on.
Daddy's dreaming,
this moment, n'er to end.

Shannon sleeping,
swaddled softly in my arms.

Robert A. Gawel
September 1994

March 8th, 2009

Just a Poem...





I lean into your sun,

With arms upturned, like leaves.

To soak in your aura, your light

For the shine so bright, can be blinding.

Your smile that called to me,

My heart, open, has answered.

Thoughts and words, all seek the same

spiral into your world, to be heard.


And when your shine flickers,

Is frozen by winds or past.

Like a thief, as penance,

I long to return such light, stolen.

Seized through glances, or touch

Through gentle kisses, so delicate

With lips so full of love, so full

Of your light, your shine, your beauty.


For you are that light, I lean into.

My arms linger, waiting to enfold

Aching to provide, to protect

To make it safe for your light.

A haven for your sun to shine

A place for your laughter,

Your smile so free and easy

To be your refuge, to be yours.





                                                         Written in Love,


                                                            January 31, 2009


                                                    Bob Gawel

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